My Story

Welcome to the “My Story” page of this Little Birdie website! Here, Little Birdie wants to share with you the inspiration that created his character and the his story and the purpose his story serves in our world.

The Principal Characters and Protagonists

The principal characters and protagonists of this captivating story are Little Birdie, his tree, Leaflette, and his bird family. Together, they create a vibrant and magical world that sparks imagination and delivers important life lessons.

The Birth of Little Birdie

Little Birdie’s journey began in August 2019 when the author couldn’t ignore the heart-wrenching news playing live clips of children crying. These children were scared, dirty, hungry, and traumatized after being separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border and placed into detention centers. One particular little girl’s cries for her “mama” struck a chord within the author. The overwhelming desire to comfort her and reunite her with her mother consumed their thoughts.

The Concept of Little Birdie

The concept of Little Birdie emerged as a way to turn “poison into medicine” – an ugly and terrible moment in time into something meaningful, a teachable life lesson. This character represents all beings who are not inherently evil but rather naive, afraid, and uninformed. Little Birdie thrives on fear and lack of understanding, which keeps him sheltered and disconnected from the world. Little Birdie symbolizes the potential within all of us to overcome our fears, grow, and find fulfillment.

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Little Birdie’s Purpose

Little Birdie transcends its fictional existence to address real-world issues. It was born out of deep concern for cruel and inhumane policies that are comparable in their impact to slavery, segregation, oppression, and purposeful disenfranchisement.

Inspiration and Transformation

Little Birdie serves as an inspiration for courage, friendship, self-love, and transformation. It embodies those with clipped wings who are uncertain if they can fly. Together, we can learn to push past our fears and embark on a journey of self-actualization and healing.

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