Welcome to Little Birdie in a Tree!

At Little Birdie in a Tree, we believe that life is all about exploration and friendship, and love! We invite you to spread your wings and embark on an exciting journey beyond your nest.

We’re thrilled to have you here! Join us today at Little Birdie in a Tree as we embark on an extraordinary journey together!

Branch Out To New Possibilities:

Embrace change and embrace growth. Our platform provides you with endless possibilities for personal and professional development. Expand your horizons and reach for the branches that lead to new opportunities. Dare to dream big! Unleash your imagination and push the boundaries of what you thought was achievable. Let your creativity take flight!

Meet Little and Leaflette

Hi, we’re Little and Leaflette! And welcome to our tree!

Leaflette and I became friends in the most unexpected way. You see, one day Leaflette gently fell from a branch right onto my head. It made me realize that sometimes amazing things happen when you least expect them!

That special moment gave me the courage to leave my cozy nest and explore the world beyond our tree. And let me tell you, it’s been an incredible adventure!

So now we want to invite you to join us on our journey. Together, we’ll discover magical places, meet fascinating creatures, and learn exciting things about nature.

We encourage you to branch out from your comfort zone just like we did! Embrace new experiences and spread your wings wide. Because trust us, with friends by your side, you’ll soar higher than ever before!

Are you ready? Let’s fly together into a world full of wonder and friendship!


Stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown would seem to be a hefty topic for young readers but with Alisia Dale’s clever and beautiful telling of the story of Little Birdie in a Tree, the message is brought home in a loving and elegant manner. These words of transformation and words of becoming whole, are an essential read for everyone young and old. I was also enchanted by April Zhang’s captivating and perfectly matched illustrations.

Barbara-Anne Puren, Author, South Africa

When Little Birdie faces his fear, he opens his eyes to a wonderful world he couldn’t have imagined before. Deeply meaningful and relevant, this poetic story will touch the hearts and minds of children and their caregivers.

Sheri Doyle, Editor

This isn’t just a book, it’s a beautifully illustrated adventure that’s loaded with life lessons. I’m a big fan of how it talks about friendship, love, courage, and the power of an open mind – all things I want my children to learn and embrace.

Jennie – Ireland

In today’s bustling world, where exclusion and loneliness affect many children, this tale comes as a welcome reminder to engage in the adventure and exhilaration of life. Highly recommended.

Carole R. – Switzerland

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