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Author: Alisia Dale

Alisia Dale, born in Montreal and raised in Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada, is a talented writer known for her captivating series, Sela Blue. Inspired by her own life story, Alisia beautifully weaves together elements of reality and imagination to create an engaging narrative.

Growing up in Chateauguay, Alisia found inspiration in the scenic beauty that surrounded her. Gazing out of the bay window onto the farmer’s grassy fields, she would often daydream about venturing beyond the horizons, exploring faraway lands she had only read about in books. The desire to travel and experience different cultures fueled her imagination, allowing her to envision herself conversing in multiple languages and meeting fascinating individuals from all walks of life.

Today, Alisia’s dreams have become a reality as she reflects on her journey through life. Having lived in eight different countries and mastering four languages along the way, she feels incredibly fortunate to have embraced such diverse experiences. These encounters with various cultures have undoubtedly enriched her storytelling abilities and allowed her to craft narratives that resonate with readers on a profound level.

Alisia Dale currently resides in Europe with her loving husband and three beautiful children. As she continues to explore new horizons and uncover fresh inspirations for her writing, readers can eagerly anticipate more captivating stories from this gifted author.
For updates on Alisia’s latest works and news about upcoming releases, please visit or meet her characters in the wonderful world of Chateauguay by visiting the Sela Blue site:

Author: Alisia Dale

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Illustrator: April Zhang

April Zhang is an aspiring illustrator hailing from Siem Reap, Cambodia. Currently based in the vibrant capital city of Phnom Penh for her university studies, April is pursuing a major in Business. However, her true passion lies in the world of art and illustration.

April has always held a deep love for art, finding joy and fulfillment in bringing her imagination to life on paper. Her illustrations are a testament to her immense talent and unwavering dedication to her craft. Among all subjects, she holds a special affinity for illustrating animals, capturing their beauty and essence with great skill and attention to detail.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an illustrator for April is the ability to transport readers into different adventure stories alongside the characters. She firmly believes that through captivating illustrations, readers can immerse themselves fully in new worlds and experience thrilling journeys.

It was after reading “The Little Bird” story that April felt an instant connection. The character’s journey mirrored her own personal growth – once timid and skeptical, she found herself venturing beyond the confines of home when she moved away for university. This newfound independence coincided with her exploration of illustrating, which introduced her to countless extraordinary individuals who broadened her horizons. Through these experiences, she realized the limitless possibilities awaiting discovery in the world.

April Zhang’s journey as an illustrator showcases both talent and determination. Drawing inspiration from nature, exploring different realms through artistry, and continuously seeking personal growth – these are the driving forces behind April’s remarkable work as she strives to touch the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.

Excited about working on this particular project, April sees it as a source of inspiration not only for herself but also for young readers. She hopes that her illustrations will ignite their sense of curiosity and encourage them to embrace life’s adventures with boundless enthusiasm.

Illustrator: April Zhang